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Litman Law - Near US Patent Office Toll-Free 1-800-4-Patent (472-8368)
Have a new product Idea?
Protect your great new idea, Don't let someone else patent your idea.
Patents in 3 Easy Steps
File your provisional patent today. Developed by a team of top lawyers.
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Search more than 30 Million Patents Powerful Analysis Tools
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Low cost searches $299.99. Sign-up on-line now. Free Inventors Kit.
Patents in 3 Easy Steps
File your provisional patent today. Developed by a team of top lawyers.
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Superior Patent Applications Filed Start-Up Companies and Individuals
Got An Invention Idea?
Get A Free Inventors Kit And Info On How To Patent Your Idea aff
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Do You Have An Invention or Great Idea?
Let Invent-Tech's diverse team of professionals help take your idea to the next level with our expertise in industry and new product development.
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Have An Idea, Invention, or New Product?
Invention Submission Corporation, America`s leading invention company since 1984, helps inventors attempt to submit their ideas to industry and obtain patent services. Subscribe to InventHelp, ISC`s free newsletter for inventors.
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Free Patent Information
Litman Law, Arlington, VA. Near U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Former Patent Office Director, Office of Independent Inventor Programs. Searches and applications for businesses, innovators and lawyers worldwide. Call toll-free. FREE Information.
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We Bring Products To Market
From concept to market for inventors, product developers and engineering firms. Product management and development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution.
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Patent Plaques
Celebrating our 20th Anniversary! US Patent Certificate offers a complete line of quality patent plaques that prominently display the patent information. Now offering $20 off per plaque.
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